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Irrigation systems are used to automatically water plants in gardens, hanging baskets and greenhouses. Water is valuable and should be used responsibly so the Micro Drip System allows you to take care of your garden without wasting a drop of this precious commodity. The addition of one of our Gardena timers will even allow the watering to carry on whilst you are on holiday!

We stock the Gardena Micro Drip Irrigation system which will ensure that your plants receive exactly the right amount of water for healthy growth.

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Watering of Beds, Borders and Vegetable Plots

This Gardena Micro Drip System uses small spray nozzles for accurate watering over small areas.

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Watering of Plants in Containers and Hanging Baskets

This Gardena Micro Drip System uses drip heads for accurate spot watering of single plants or longer rows of plants with similar water requirements

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Watering of Rows of Plants and Hedges

This Gardena Micro Drip System uses a connecting pipe with drip heads which can be positioned to allow watering at the base of each plant.

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Watering of Plants in Greenhouses and Cold Frames

This Gardena Micro Drip System has micro mist nozzles which are perfect for watering seedlings. It also has drip heads for watering the larger plants such as tomatoes or cucumbers.

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Watering of Containers and Troughs

This Gardena Micro Drip System uses drip heads for watering plants with similar water requirements.

Happy Christmas from Glossop Garden Centre
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