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What to do in your garden in April

  • Now is the time to tie in your Clematis and other climbing shrubs. Once Clematis has support like trellis or wires they can generally be left to their own devices, to do what they do best. Roses should be tied horizontally to encourage side shoots to develop along the main stem which in turn will produce more flowers.

  • Divide perennials. By splitting large clumps now can help re-invigorate a border. It keeps shrubs under control from taking over and means you can plant something new in the gap!
  • Stake tall growing perennials whilst they are small and manageable now. We have specific stakes that plants can grow through, which gives support and the plant will hide the support in its foliage.

  • Berberis
  • Get ahead and prune early flowering shrubs like Berberis, Forsythia and Spiraea immediately after flowering to encourage new growth next year.

  • Dig over and mulch beds to control weeds and conserve moisture.

  • Dead head daffs; pinch out behind the swollen part of the head to ensure energy is stored in the flowering bulb for next year and not into the production of seed. Straggly green foliage can be cut back 6 weeks after dead heading.
Happy Christmas from Glossop Garden Centre
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