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What to do in your garden in July

lush green grass
  • For that lush green lawn keep on top of the weeds by regular mowing and applying feed and weed.

  • Remember to deadhead your borders, pots and baskets to maintain constant flowering. They may also need an extra feed with a general purpose plant food. We can recommend Phostogen and Miracle Gro soluble plant foods.

  • It will soon be time to harvest your potatoes. Harvest bags are available for those with a bumper crop. Tomatoes, as they set fruit will need feeding with a potassium rich plant food. Protect your soft fruits from the birds with netting or a fruit cage. Why not try your hand at preserving or bottling your harvest to enjoy throughout the year.

  • harvesting potatoes
  • With the rising temperatures and damp conditions there will be an influx of SLUGS and SNAILS. These can be dealt with safely to protect your tasty crops and your garden plants. We have a wide range of products in stock.

  • Continue to dead head your roses to encourage further blooms. Also remember to continue spraying with a pesticide. We can recommend Bayer Multirose concentrate, which combats both bugs and disease, like caterpillars, aphids, rust and blackspot.
Happy Christmas from Glossop Garden Centre
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