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Plum Slate – 40mm


Plum Slate 40mm

£6.99 or 2 for £12

20-40mm Plum Coloured Slate Chips

Ideal Uses:

  • Fish Friendly – Wash prior to use
  • Alpines & Rock Gardens
  • Borders & Beds

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Enhance your outdoor spaces with these beautiful slate chippings. Garden slate is easy to lay and the ideal material for rock gardens, paths, ponds, borders, and driveways. Slate is a flat, reflective stone with a contemporary aesthetic, which looks fantastic when wet or dry.

For added character, use the Plum Slate in conjunction with other slates or aggregates, such as pebbles or chippings.

When calculating how many bags you will need, we recommend a minimum depth of 35mm.

Please keep in mind that natural materials will vary in size and colour, with some being significantly different.

Not sure how much you will need? Click below to use the KelKay Aggregates calculator.

Plum Slate 40mm