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What to do in your garden in March

Gardening in March
Gardening in March
  • This is the ideal time to prune your roses and top dress with bone meal or fertilizer. Spray your Rose bushes with a systemic spray which will enter the plant and protect it from aphids and as well as black spot, mildew and rust. Prevention is better than cure and this should be carried out on a regular basis throughout the growing and flowering season for healthier plants.Prepare your beds, borders and veg plots. Dig over to break up the earth from the frozen winter months. Mulch with a good fertilizer, farmyard manure, bark chippings or multi-purpose compost. Why not use plastic cloches in the veg beds to warm up the soil to bring on your veg a bit quicker this year?
  • If you haven′t already started, select and ‘chit’ (sprout) your potatoes for that bumper harvest later in the year. We have a wide selection of potatoes for you to try – everything from the Maris Piper to more unusual varieties – supply is limited, don′t delay; get yours now.
  • Sweet Peas benefit from an early start, get them going indoors in propagators on the window sill so they can make the most of the weak spring sun through the window before they get planted out. Why not start other seeds going indoors too? There′s a wide selection of flower and vegetable seeds and propagators in store to suit all needs and budgets.
  • Start thinking about new designs for your garden. Get in place any new structures like arches or obelisks that you might want to erect.
  • Come and see our new David Austin Roses and other climbers like clematis which will establish very quickly and happily climb up a tall structure to give you a wonderful display later in the season

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